Benifit Badgal Mascara Review

So I have been on a bit of a mascara discovery lately. I have tried and compared a few these few months. This journey has been interesting and eye opening, literally. Mascara is the one product that completes the eye. Your brows frame your face but your mascara is the paint on the windows to your soul. This one product can make or break your look for the day. Waterproof, volumizing, lengthening, carbon black, brown or teal, your mascara makes the difference. This one has been a favorite for a while but I never made a formal review about it even though I reach for it all the time and when I don’t have it I crave it. I always say that it could work with this and that when it is missing. I always buy two or three backups of this one.
Benefit has come out with two mascaras that evoke a new love for mascara that I never had before. Bad gal lash is the one I fell in love with from this brand. I love how fluffy and soft it makes my lashes while volumizing and giving length. I was captivated by this mascara the first time I used it. The look it gave me was thick and elegant. My lashes have never been so full and black. I love this mascara for three reasons.
1) The size of the tube and brush. You really get your money’s worth with an applicator that captures and coats each and every lash.
2) The Benefit Cosmetics quality standard
3) The formula; perfect.
If you already have and love this mascara then you already know how I feel and why I feel this way. This is the best thing since sliced bread. I love what it does for my lashes and it washes off easily with wipes, makeup remover or soap and water.

Anticipating my Mac haul.

Today I ordered some products for mac and I am so anticipating my package is in the mail. I haven’t ordered anything from experience Christmas and it was a mineralize skinfinish natural. Like I said before that powder last me a whole year. This time when I place my order I ordered some blushes and lipsticks which I desperately need. As I’ve said in the past I know that Mac products are expensive but, the are well worth the money. Mac has amazing foundations, blush, lipstick, and skin. I only own 6 products from Mac. And I tend to use them everyday. The new collections that they have are beautiful products I unfortunstely have not been able to get my hands on any. Take advantage of the free shipping and order now. If you love Mac the way I do you are going to be so upset when you cannot get any of the new collections. Now is the time. We have always taken care of our families ladies, now it is time to take care of our self.  what better way to take care of us then to treat ourselves to something new.