Too Faced Le Grand Chateau collection update and review- 7 months later.

I actually got this palette in November of last year so it has been a little over seven months for me. This was a part of the Too Faced holiday collection of 2015. I was so in love with the design and the concept that I just couldn’t pass it up. I got it from and I enjoyed every minute of it. I did gift one of the palettes inside to my sister and she enjoys it still till this day.  I can’t say enough about this little collection.The packaging was so cute and I kept the little house it came in until about a month ago. I’m usually not a sucker  for packaging but this was soooo cute. I must say, as usual, the quality of the shadows and blushes is what we, who love Too Faced, have come to love and expect. I was exceedingly happy with the product. The pigmentation was awesome and the wear is incredible.
The two palettes out of this collection that I kept for myself are the teal and black palette. They are what I reach for on an everyday basis. Alongside my Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette these are staples in my makeup wardrobe for every day. 
The teal green palette has all the brown neutral colors needed for an every day look and even some shimer. There’s a shimmery black in there but it doesn’t come off glittery on the eye. It really transforms. The blush, Mademoiselle, is a favorite of mine. Even on my deep caramel skin it still brings a slight bit of color and internal glow to my cheeks. Like I said, this pallette is like a great pair of jeans. It goes with everything all the time you can’t go wrong.         
Now let’s talk about the black palette. I’ve saved the best for last. I love purple but, I have never been courageous enough to wear it in an eyeshadow. I am so glad I got this holiday set because it gave me a purple that I could wear and coordinating colors to go with it. The shade, Provence, is so beautiful on the lid. It’s a lavender with a kick and  a little shimmer. It has a smooth satin finish. It looks so perfect on the eyes. The shade Le Marais is also a surprise. its looks like a white satin but has a duo chrome purple undertone to it. It really transforms when applied to the skin. The shade Parfait, makes a beautiful pink toned highlight. Not just on the eyes, but on the cheekbones as well. There’s also a matte black and  a matte taupe for blending and crease work.  The blush is absolutely stunning. 
Now let’s talk about Better Than Sex mascara. I loved what it did for my lashes and the deluxe sample size was more than a sample. It lasted me for three months. I loved that mascara and it didn’t give me raccoon eyes. Which a lot of mascaras do. I’ve had no bad experience with this one at all. I love the volume and definition it gives. It still doesn’t beat my L’Oreal voluminous, but it came a close second. 
I look forward to this year’s holiday palettes and sets from every brand. I can’t wait to see what they all try to tempt and tantalize us with this year. I’m definitely saving my pennies for that one thing that catches my eye. Hope you guys are waiting and watching with me because holiday 2016 is going to be phenomenal.