YSL Rouge Volumpte Shine Review.

Yves Saint Laurent - Rouge Volupté ShineOf course I was skeptical of this product at first. A $34.00 Lipstick seemed to be a bit ridiculous to me. I have been back and forth about this purchase for months. I had swatched it in store and even tried it on and still didn’t see why I needed or would like this product. So finally I made the decision to purchase one of these lipsticks. The problem was which color and what formula. I chose the shine formula in rose infinite. The color and texture was beautiful. Unfortunately all the things that people like about the shine formula just didn’t do it for me. It felt like a drugstore version of the same which I already own.

Although my lipstick journey has only been for about three years, I know that this type of formula really doesn’t work for me. I need a satin or matte stay put lipstick. I love the lustre finish from MAC but they feel different than this formula. This formula just didn’t last on my lips and worst of all it made them peel.

I absolutely expected more from this lipstick and it really disappointed me. I really wanted to like it. I will try the other formula’s but this one was not for me and I returned it promptly.