Maybelline Vivid lipstick review

I recently purchased 2 Maybelline vivid lipsticks from Walmart. I have always loved Maybelline lip sticks I think they are so beautiful and creamy and for Maybelline to come out with a vivid collection I think that is so awesome. I love Mabelline products. I have been using their BB cream since it came out. And I love it. So when they came up with a new lip sticks I was floored. I’ve already had an ample collection of their color sensational lip sticks and they are awesome. So new colors in the same formula that were bold and beautiful I couldn’t pass them up. I only have two. I didn’t want to purchase lipsticks that I wouldn’t wear. So I got Plum and Rose. Those were the 2 that was the most wearable for me. The whole collection is beautiful. These lipsticks have so much pigmentation. If you love bright lipstick ythis is a collection for you. These lipsticks are beautiful and affordable and they feel good on the lips. If you love Maybelline lipstick then you will love this collection. These lipsticks are about 4 dollars and 99 cents. Walmart and Target have the best price. If you would like to try the bright lipstick but not pay a hefty price then you will love this collection. There are 10 shades in the collection. They all have the honey nectar. They feel so good on the lips. And the honey nectar give them a beautiful glossy shine. They do not disappoint when it comes to the color. The packaging is beautiful they are light and they don’t fall apart. I have nothing bad to say about any of the lip sticks or their texture. These lipsticks however, are not compatible to Mac lipsticks. The are only a cheaper substitution. If you would like to try these lipsticks I recommend you do. You will not be disappointed by the lipstick or the price. Get ready for this season’s hottest colors. Spring and summer will be full of bright lipstick and bright clothes. Maybelline is at the head of the class with this one.


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