Blush baby

I love to play and experiment with my makeup. All day I would try on new looks and try new techniques. The one thing that scared me was blush. I would always relate blush to a clown or some type of comedy character. One day I saw a lady with the most beautiful cheekbones. I asked her how did she get that look, and she smiled and said “blush baby”. Ever since that day I have been obsessed with blush. All colors, types, textures, and finishes. I have a few favorite brands and favorite colors in that brand. As an african-american I must spread the word on what looks great on us and where you can get it.
First, Tarte, Amazonian clay blushes. So far all of them have been a hit. They last like they say and are beautiful on all skin tones. They really do last 12 hours.
NARS blush, a cult favorite, has great blushes too. All of them are not color friendly. My fave from this brand is Dulce Vita, Sin, and Casino bronzer. These are always my go to blushes and bronzer.
MAC, also a cult. favorite, has great blushes too. They are the cheapest of high end in blush but not in quality and selection. If you can’t find the perfect blush there, you are just not human. I love ALL of MAC’s blushes. I have many and can never hit pan because I rotate between them so much.
The thing to remember when choosing a blush is;
– look for a color close to your natural flush
– consider when and where you will wear it (out,work,school, etc.)
– consider your budget (how much do you want to pay)
Blush can really enhance your look. So don’t be afraid, go ahead and blush baby.