Expecting my Elf Haul

I have recently placed three orders with elf cosmetics. I am patiently anticipating the arrival of my goodies. I could not believe what I had been hearing. There is a website with dollar cosmetics and three dollar studio line? Their products are comparable to NARS? I must admit I love NARS and I haven’t found a company that can top their quality. As far as their packaging, I can see the comparison. I like elf products already that are sold at my local Dollar General. I have a few of their brushes and false eyelashes. However, I did not know they had a website, and I certainly didn’t know that they offered studio line which are like makeup artist quality. I had known about their regular line but didn’t know it was so huge. I got a massive order for less than $30 including 3 day shipping. How can this be? I am already addicted to makeup and then you send me to a website that has some for a dollar? Are you trying to get me in rehab? Does Dr. Drew have a program for makeup addicts? I will reserve the first five beds for all those brave souls who will admit with me that they are addicted too.
I wish I could get them sooner but instant gratification is a problem for me and I am trying to fight it. I can wait a week for my goodies. I go to elf.com just about everyday to see what they have new and I sighned up for email alerts to get good sale codes. I have already placed three orders with them. I can’t wait. It feels like Christmas. I will give my unbiased review on all products I recieve.