My Lipstick Review

I was never a big lipstick wearer until I tried a few. Now that time and technology has given the product new formula’s and different finishes I find myself always having two or three in my makeup bag.
The first on my list, the one I love the most is Rimmel London Lasting Finish in Bordeaux. This is the best reddish purple lipstick ever. I have been using it for about two years now or more. It is a creamy lipstick with a satin finish and a moisturizing feel. I haven’t found a drugstore lipstick yet with a better finish and there are a lot of shades so it’s hard to just get one color. I am a bit of a creature of habit but I will try another color soon. This lipstick is my all time favorite. Coming from a girl who never liked lipstick, that is a great achievement for Rimmel.
The second place winner is Maybelline Color Sensational. I love all the colors but right now I am doing the Plum Paradise and the Bronze Pearl. Both of these lipsticks are creamy and they give a good color payoff it just doesn’t last as long as I would like. But they are so pretty and they smell good and the taste isn’t like ink in your mouth. My husband hasn’t complained about the taste so far so I guess they are guy friendly.
And last but not least. Avon Super Lustrious lipsticks in Perfect Plum and Blushing Nude. These are good to me too. I like the way they glide on and they start off sheer and you can build the color. The downfall of them is that they are so creamy they melt badly in warm climate. I found myself having to keep them refrigerated because they didn’t store well.
I hope that you have enjoyed my lipstick review. Maybe you use some of these and can tell me what you think. Leave me a comment if there are some others I should give a try. Remember I am a beginner when it comes to lipstick so don’t take me too fast.
Honorable mention are:
N.Y.C and Nicka K.