Iman cosmetics real life review

I was surprised recently how much buzz it has been about the Iman cosmetics line. I don’t usually try stuff because of the noise but a lot of my fellow sisters came to me and said it was good and affordable. I even heard a friend of mine who is addicted to MAC say that it was about the same so I had to try it then. I am in love with MAC myself and being a new mom on a budget I don’t have time to pack my son in this heat to the mall every time I run out of makeup. So, I took a trip to my neighborhood WalMart. They are the only one’s who carry it in my area. I had already done my research and went to the website to find my shade. So, I went in, got it, took it home and stared at it for two hours. I am hoping it was worth my while because I don’t like to waste time or money.
After I got over the initial fear I got in the mirror and started to do my face. One thing I liked was that it was oil free. I could feel that from the start. Another thing was that it finished matte and it wasn’t orange. It matched me perfectly. I started with the stick foundation. It is definitely full coverage. I like the simple convenience of it. I could swipe it on, throw it in my purse and go. I also got the liquid foundation which I started using about a week ago. It is also full coverage but not really a liquid, more like a rich mousse. I liked the feel of it and again no oil and it dried matte. I am loving this foundation right now. For Iman to match so many of our skin tones and give us quality,affordable cosmetics just for us is amazing.
There are very few cosmetics that get me excited. This one had me jumping for joy. I couldn’t believe how good it was. I can retire my MAC. I have a feeling Iman will be around a very long time. I love this makeup. If you are still on the fence about it or if you still spend $30.00 on your foundation, Give this a try. You won’t be disappointed I promise. I love it. It’s creamy. It makes your skin flawless and pretty you can’t go wrong. The only down side to this is the web site’s color match is a shade darker than the actual product. It only looks dark on the site the real shade is lighter than what you see so don’t be scared.