Countdown to a new baby

So far this experience has been scary but I have a lot of support. My family tries to make sure that I have every thing I need and that I don’t have to do anything. They treat me like I am fragile or something. I am ready to have this baby. It is taking a lot out of me to be still and not over work myself. I want to do so much but I have to think about someone other than me. Having a life inside of you is an experience within itself. I still am not used to the kicking and the moving around. I still have to keep my diabetes in check. Not just for me but for the baby.
I am excited to see what life will be like after the baby is born. My husband has the hardest time adjusting. He still hasn’t grasped the fact that we will have a baby in about 6 weeks. I can’t wait. We found out last month that we were having a boy and I was so happy. I don’t think I would be ready for a girl just yet. I would like to have one more child in five years but I will take my time getting there. It has been a while since I took care of a newborn. I haven’t forgotten anything it’s just all the new information out now and weeding through the advice of veteran moms. Wish me luck and pray that it all goes well. Starting with labor and delivery.