A review on all of my new MAC


The best oil control I have ever seen. I use this powder to set my makeup and it makes me look airbrushed. I love this powder and I always apply it with a brush. 


This is a rich moisturizer that I absolutely love. It gives your skin moisture and it has the SPF sun protection. I use it after I wash my face and before I put on my face every day. I can’t think of why I used anything else. I love this moisturizer. Best of all it’s rich without being heavy and that is the best part. 


This blush is a great contouring blush. It looks shimmery and it isn’t. The shimmer in the blush makes it glow and that is what it will do to your skin, make it glow. It looks like a natural rosy glow without looking fake or costume. I love the color pay off and it stays put.


Prep + prime skin is the best primer I have found yet. It gives the skin a silky feel without drying it out. It is emollient based so it’s white instead of clear like most primers. I am so proud of this product. It does what is says. It gives your skin the little push it needs to help your makeup last all day.

This has become a true staple in my makeup wardrobe. I use this for everyday and I pair it with two other products that give it more staying power and longevity. Prep and prime and the studio Moisture fix. These products together may be a bit heavy for people with normal to oily skin but, my skin is dry and it needs every bit of moisture and balance it can get. Powder foundations are naturally dry so that’s why I pay special attention in preparing my skin. Unlike other powder foundations, the consistency of the studio fix is much more refined giving way to smoother application and a more natural feel.


I cannot say enough about this foundation. It is so lush and creamy, yet is not heavy at all. I love the coverage and the wear. It is all in the formula. It has given my skin much needed moisture and I love the finish. even without blot powder or pressed powder this foundation has the power to stand on it’s own. You will love the look of it. Especially if you have dry skin.